Are you interested in training like a firefighter or just being fit?

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Meet the Trainer

 Aaron Foster has been a firefighter and fitness trainer in the Washington DC area for over a decade. For the last several years he has focused primarily on members in the public service industry. Aaron ran the “Recruit Training Program”, “Return to Work Program”, and “CPAT Program” for the Washington DC Fire Department (DCFD). He has had the chance to work with a variety of high school, collegiate, semi-pro and Olympic athletes. As of late, he’s had the humbling chance to work out with several wounded vets through the Wounded Warrior Program.


"Achieve & Accomplish"


What gains you can expect when maintaining a fitness program


 As a client you can expect a wealth of knowledge and experience from Aaron. He is dedicated to helping you achieve your realistic goals and aspirations. When following a fitness regiment with W.F.A. you can see some or all of the following benefits. Results vary by person, their diet, health and several other contributing factors. 

  • A Safe and productive exercise program.
  •  Improved energy levels, positive outlook on health and fitness
  • Increased Performance, Strength and Endurance.
  • Improved Metabolism and Circulatory Functions.
  • Improved Cardiovascular and Respiratory Functions
  •  Improved Body Composition of fat to muscle ratio.
  • Positive Overall Feelings of Wellness.
  • Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol levels


Bootcamp & Group Fitness Located at

Branchville Volunteer Fire Dept

4905 Branchville Rd

College Park md. 20740

Price List for Boot Camps & Personal Training
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Health Questionnaire
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Fitness Questionnaire
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Informed Consent Waiver Form
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Personal Accountability Form
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Heart Rate Range Form
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  • David Dixon (Thursday, February 06 14 08:39 pm EST)

    Aaron had always been around to give me great advice even though he's never trained me. Very knowledgeable and professional.

  • David Dixon (Thursday, February 06 14 08:26 pm EST)

    Aaron has always been around to give me great advice even though i've never been trained by him. Very knowledgeable and professional.

  • Atara Mayer (Thursday, February 06 14 04:11 pm EST)

    Aaron taught me the value of hard work and persistence. He taught me how to set attainable goals and helped me achieve them. I learned through his instruction that working out can be both tough and
    fun! I feel so much healthier and happier since I started training with him. Aaron's knowledge, encouragement, and general demeanor make him an absolutely fantastic physical trainer. I wouldn't go to
    anyone else and once you start working with him (which you should, immediately), neither will you. Thank you, Aaron!

  • Michael Bernardo (Thursday, February 06 14 02:52 pm EST)

    I've trained and competed with athletes from all over the world, and Aaron is as legit as they come. His approach is fresh, innovative, and his dedication to the improvement of his fellow
    firefighters shows through in everything he does.

  • Danielle Greene (Thursday, February 06 14 07:42 am EST)

    Aaron is an awesome trainer. He was completely willing to work with my crazy schedule and with his help I got into the best shape of my life!

  • Ken Otte (Thursday, February 06 14 12:31 am EST)

    If it wasn't for Aaron Foster I can honestly say I wouldn't be a firefighter for DCFD. He taught me the basics and trained me until I could pass the CPAT nearly 4 years ago. Aaron's eagerness and
    knowledge helped me get bitten by the fitness/health bug and has helped me change my life for the better.

  • Jake Stenger (Thursday, February 06 14 12:10 am EST)

    I can say first hand Aarons programs can get a group of firefighters in better shape than that of the U.S. Militarys basic training courses.

  • Danielle Stenger (Wednesday, February 05 14 10:33 pm EST)

    Foster was by far the most hardcore PT instructor during the fire academy! Wanted to throw-up before the start of everyday, but walked out with my head held high making it through each and every day.
    Thanks to Foster, I pushed myself further then I thought possible. He really showed me what determination can do.

  • Ronnie Stanton (Wednesday, February 05 14 09:50 pm EST)

    Aaron is the real deal. Definitely no chump trainer, cares a lot and he's a legit dude. Recommended 110%

  • Rocco Baldino (Wednesday, February 05 14 09:44 pm EST)

    Aaron does a competent and awesome job of working with everyone. No matter what your age is or athletic ability is, Aaron can help. He is down to earth and is compassionate with those he helps.

  • Sarah T (Tuesday, January 14 14 03:22 pm EST)

    I wanted to take a second to let you all know how wonderful Aaron Foster is. 4 weeks ago I was at a low in my life and I was faced with a big challenge. My doctor told me that the root of my health
    problems was my weight. That day I started my journey. I thought I could do it alone but I was wrong. After my first 2 days of working out I knew I needed help. So I reached out to Aaron. He called
    me that night and helped my work through some of my issues. He thought me the correct form for running and helped me with my diet. After 4 weeks of I am down 10 lbs. During this time Aaron has
    continued to email with tips and ideas. I could not do it without you! Thanks Aaron.

  • Julie Drury (Monday, June 25 12 08:19 pm EDT)

    4 months ago I had a very difficult time running for more than 5 minutes. After training with Aaron, for the last few months I recently competed in the Md Warrior Dash and beat 72% of the
    participants and can log 7 miles on a treadmill now. He pushes me to complete tasks that I never though I'd be able to do. Because of his training I'm more confident in my physical capabilities &
    continue to make improvements.

  • Tony Pignataro (Monday, June 25 12 08:15 pm EDT)

    Makes me miss our days with you at the Academy. You kicked my ass 5 days a week. Loved every minute of it as I got more and more fit! Thanks again bro!

  • John Hughes (Monday, June 25 12 08:11 pm EDT)

    Out of personal knowledge, this guy is one of the best and the prices CANNOT be beat.

    But please, only those of you who are serious need to contact him. This dude ain't no joke....

  • Steve Sherlock (Friday, June 22 12 11:33 am EDT)

    Aaron’s workouts are the real deal. His knowledge and passion for health and fitness is what you NEED if you are serious about being fit and in shape. I would pay double what he is charging. He was
    my trainer for close to 33 weeks and I couldn’t have asked for a better person. “I will give everything I have every day. Whatever I keep inside I’ll lose forever.”

  • Jonny Hope (Thursday, June 21 12 05:34 pm EDT)

    I've worked in a trained capacity and in the fire house with Aaron for many years now and I highly recommend him to train you. You will not find a more knowledgeable trainer or better prices

  • Emily S (Thursday, June 21 12 04:33 pm EDT)

    Aaron is the BEST trainer I've ever worked with! If there's a guy who will help you reach ANY fitness's him.

  • J-Rock (Thursday, June 21 12 03:48 pm EDT)

    I dropped 37 lbs in the academy. I need to get back up with you!

  • Mike (Thursday, June 21 12 03:47 pm EDT)

    Some of the best training I've ever done. Thankyou for kicking my butt into shape Inst. Foster